Spring is so close I can almost touch it! Even if it is really cold outside right now, I can bring spring indoors with a simple flower arrangement AND do it for under $15. I love having fresh flowers around the house, but am never willing to part with $40 for an arrangement.
I’ll show you how you can have a beautiful contemporary spring centerpiece for your next party or to admire on your coffee table, and do it without breaking the bank.

First of all make a visit to your local grocery store, yes you heard me, the grocery store. There are gems waiting for you there. We have a couple grocery stores in town and I’ve scouted them all out for the best quality and great prices.  You should do the same! For now, ignore the pre-arranged flowers and go straight for the single flower type bundles. I chose white mums and green ball dianthus. If you can’t find dianthus, a green button mum would give you the same feel.


$15 centerpiece supplies

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For this centerpiece you’ll need

  • Flowers – 1 bunch of Green ball dianthus and 1 bunch of white mums
  • A bucket or container (to hold flowers while you arrange)
  • A tub of water
  • Wet Floral foam (for fresh greenery)
  • 3 cube vases
  • A towel
  • Scissors
  • A floral knife (I love this one! My florist friends were using them at events and I had to get one.) 
  • Wide ribbon
  • Glue dots

As soon as you get home from the store cut at least an inch off the bottoms of your flowers at a 45 degree angle and put them in a bucket of cool water.

A note about floral foams. It is important that you get foam meant for fresh arrangements and not for silk flowers. One will soak up water and the other won’t.

Fill your tub with a couple inches of water. I used a shoe snap tub. And place your floral foam block in the water. Don’t push the block under water, instead lay it on top and let it sink. This gives the foam enough time to soak the water all the way through. If you push it under you can end up with a dry spot in the center and you don’t want that. Floral foam can only be used once, so only soak as much as you need.


soak floral foam


I purchased these cube vases at my local dollar store for $1 each. Score! They are about 3” tall. Be sure to take any stickers off your glass and remove and residue. From my time as an event planner, I have come to know the greatness that is Goo Gone. it does wonders for removing sticky residue. I put a little on the sticker that wouldn’t come off and rubbed it with a towel. Viola! No more gunk on the pretty glass. Goo Gone is a little oily, so wash with a little soap if need be.




Now you are ready to cut your floral foam to size. I used my favorite floral knife, but a kitchen knife will do as well. Eyeball the size you need and cut accordingly.



A little tight is better than loose. You don’t want the foam to wobble in the vase.



You can use a floral knife or sharp scissors to cut the flowers to size.



Cut your flowers at a 45 degree angle with about an inch of stem. And lay them out. I used 4 pieces of dianthus and 8 mums for each cube.



Start by placing the dianthus in the opposite corners. Push the stems into the foam. If you have to reposition a stem make a new hole in the foam instead of using the same hole.




Then nest in the white mums. I tried to make a square with the flowers. I place the edge flowers first and angled them facing out so they cover the edge of the vase.



Repeat in the last corner.



Next we need to hide the mechanics of the piece (the foam). I chose a white satin ribbon to keep this the contemporary look. If you prefer a rustic vibe, a wide burlap ribbon would also complement the flowers.



I used glue dots to secure the ribbon to the vase. You could use hot glue, but I’ve found to dots come off much easier when it is time to reuse the vase.



Center the ribbon and tightly wrap around the cube. I folded the end under for a clen edge and secured it with more glue dots.



Repeat two more times for your spring trio and you are ready to enjoy this simply elegant arrangement.



Total cost of project:

$11 Flowers

$3 Vases

$1 Floral foam

$0 Ribbon – Had on hand

$15 Total


You don’t have to break the bank to make something beautiful for your home.



Did you try this? Let me know in the comments below!


Carol (“Mimi”)

Great tutorial! Thanks for the clear instructions and step-by-step photos. The finished arrangement is beautiful for spring.

Thank you Carol! I love simple arrangements. They can add so much to a room without being too complex.

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