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4 Home Renovations before moving in

You finally have the keys to your dream house and you can’t wait to move in! Wait, before you move that couch, here are 4 home renovations you should do before moving in.

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Fix ceilings

Does the house have popcorn ceilings that you don’t like? Take the time to remove the popcorn now before you move all your pretty things in. It is a messy process to remove the popcorn and involves lots of tarps over everything. Save yourself the headaches later and do it before there are things that have to be covered.

Repair or replace floorings  

Are there cracks in the linoleum? Does the hardwood need to be refinished? These tasks are so much easier to complete if don’t have to relocate every piece of furniture from a room. I am so glad we ripped up all the ugly carpet in our house and refinished the beautiful hardwood underneath before we moved in. The wood floor was in every room but the kitchen on the first floor and man was it dusty to refinish!

Map out your new breaker box  

You might be lucky enough to have some general handwritten notes on your breaker box. We were not so fortunate as we stared at the blank metal box. Before you have beds in front of plugs and food in the refrigerator, go purchase a three prong socket tester. They are usually under $10. One by one test each breaker and write down what goes on and off. If your house is quirky like ours, one switch may only control lights and a few sockets between two rooms. We frequently refer to our detailed breaker map.

Replace the locks

This is standard procedure and just smart. There are lots of tutorials on how to changes the locks on your doors. And as a bonus, if the finishes don’t match, now is your chance to make them all uniform.
What did you fix or change before moving into your home?

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