DIY PVC Pipe Backdrop

Today I am making a PVC pipe background for a party and I wanted to share with you how easy it is.

How to Build a PVC Pipe Backdrop

What You’ll Need

Pipe cutter
Tape measure
Permanent marker
4 – 10’ PVC pipes 1” diameter
2 – 90 degree PVC elbows
4 – PVC Tee joint
Cut lengths
2 – 8’
2 – 4’
2 – 3’
4 – 2’
2 – 1’

The 2’ and 1’ lengths are interchangeable as feet for the backdrop. If you are in a tight location, the 2’ and 1’ lengths can be combine to make a shorter foot as illustrated to the right. If more stability is needed use all 4, 2’ lengths. There will be two extra pieces of pipe. This is to give options.


Printable Plans


Marci Kitowski

Did you purchase a curtain with a rod pocket or did you make your own pocket out of the material
Assume you’d need about 2x the width of the frame for gathering?

A curtain with a pocket would certainly work. I used some hemmed fabric and created my own pocket using corsage pins from the back side of the fabric. I love the corsage pin trick because then any kind of fabric can be a curtain for an event. 2x the width would give you some intense gathering. Mine was only a couple feet longer for soft gathers and to hide the center seam.


Thanks for your helpful video.

Do you have difficulties with t-joints or elbows sticking to the pipes when you disassemble your stand? What do you do about that? How do/did you fix it?

Mark Ingram

Hi Mark, I haven’t run into that problem. The joints are tight and take a little wiggling to remove, but I wanted it that way as it means the pipes are fitting tightly together. I didn’t glue any of the joints so I could disassemble it for storage. They should disengage with just a little rotation.

angela feliciano

Thank you so much Morgan, this DIY video was so helpful! I’m planning my own wedding!

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