Farm House Flower Arrangement

Farmhouse flower arrangement


There is nothing like a simple flower arrangement to brighten up the kitchen table! I found this beautiful milk can and couldn’t resist making a farm house flower arrangement! Grab some flowers and make one with me. Continue reading →

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Towel Easter Bunny Basket

Easter is just around the corner! I wanted to share with you this adorable Towel Easter Bunny Basket. It is a simple project and a great way to give a useful gift. I have two active nephews who will love a jump start to summer! Continue reading →

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How to pick the best wood

Have you ever stood in the lumber aisle at a home improvement store and wondered which board you need for your project? I want to share some tips with you that I’ve learned over the years on how to pick the best board for a project. Continue reading →

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DIY Chalkboard Sign

DIY Chalkboard Sign

A chalkboard easel or sandwich sign is such a versatile piece for decorating and parties, it’s a must have!  While planning a baby shower, I decided I just had to have one! After doing an intense Pinterest search for ideas and designs, I came across Amy Baesler’s DIY Chalkboard on I chose her plans because it included a detailed cut list and the chalkboard seemed well built. I’d love to put mine on the front porch for parties, so it has to withstand Kansas wind. Continue reading →

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4 Home Renovations before moving in

fixes before move in day

4 Home Renovations before moving in

You finally have the keys to your dream house and you can’t wait to move in! Wait, before you move that couch, here are 4 home renovations you should do before moving in. Continue reading →

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Inspiration Tuesday, Magnolia Journal

I love finding new inspiration for life and creativity. There are enough depressing things in the world to bring a person down. So I want to share a little bright spot of inspiration with you every week.

This week comes from a person I fangirl over. Joanna Gains has just started a quarterly magazine Magnolia Journal, and I am in love! I was standing in line at the store and saw the spring issue and I just had to open it up to see. Lets just say the magazine promptly went onto the conveyor belt. Continue reading →

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$15 Spring Centerpiece Trio

Spring is so close I can almost touch it! Even if it is really cold outside right now, I can bring spring indoors with a simple flower arrangement AND do it for under $15. I love having fresh flowers around the house, but am never willing to part with $40 for an arrangement.
I’ll show you how you can have a beautiful contemporary spring centerpiece for your next party or to admire on your coffee table, and do it without breaking the bank. Continue reading →

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