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How To – Make a Two Ribbon Bow

How To – Make a Two Ribbon Bow

There are many projects where you need a beautiful bow as a finishing touch. Below are written and video instructions so you can make a show stopping bow for yourself!


-Sharp pair of scissors

-1 chenille stem (pipe cleaner)

-12 feet of 1 1/2 inch wired ribbon

-12 feet of 2 1/2 inch wired ribbon

Large Loops

Start by laying your smaller ribbon (green) on top of the larger one (red). Make a large loop by taking about 12 inches of ribbon and folding it over. It is important to keep the smaller ribbon always facing out.

Once you have a loop, twist your ribbon 180 degrees so the back of the ribbon is facing up. Do this right where your center point will be. Hold the twist in place with your thumb.

Make a second loop by taking 12 more inches and folding it over. The 12 inches should end in the center where your thumb is holding the twist. Now make another 180 degree twist in the ribbon. You should again be looking at the back side of the large ribbon. This is the rhythm of making the bow – Loop, Twist, Loop, Twist…

With your first two loops in hand, bend your bow in half to make sure your loops are even. Once you know they are the same length, they can be used as a guide for following loops.

Repeat your loops rhythm (loop, twist, loop, twist) until there are six loops. Three on each side.

Small Loops

The next loop will be about 4 inches shorter (8 inch length). Twist and make a total of 4 small loops.

Finish off with an even smaller loop by twisting the ribbon so the small ribbon is facing out and wrap a loop over your thumb that is holding everything. Then cross the ribbon under your thumb. It will look like this.

Chenille Stem

Take your chenille stem and thread it through the smallest loop. Hold it in place with your thumb and turn the whole bow upside down.

Fold the chenille stem up and twist it tightly around the center of the bow where your thumb had been applying pressure. Not only does the chenille hold the bow together, but you can use the ends to fasten it to other projects like a package or wreath.

Trim Tails

Trim both tails to your desired length with an angle or “V” cut. Tails can be left long for dramatic effect of cut shorter to match the round shape of the finished bow.

Shaping the Bow

Lay the bow flat on the table and spread out each loop so they are evenly dispersed in a circle. Don’t worry if the loops are flat.

Insert your fingers inside a loop and lift the top of the loop, curving it and adding volume.

Take the wide ribbon and narrow ribbon and pull them horizontally away from each other. This doubles the loops your bow has and quickly adds volume. Rotate your bow and repeat these two steps with every loop. I did not separate the smallest center loop because I liked the look of it together, but feel free to experiment until you achieve a look you like.

Once all the loops have been fluffed up, tweak the placement of them until you are satisfied with the final look.

There you go! A beautiful two tone bow perfect for your next project.

Have any questions or tips about the bow? Leave them in the description box below so others can learn too!

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DIY Peppermint Candy Holiday Decoration

Bring the holly jolly to your next holiday party with this peppermint candy decoration! Follow along or watch the video and make one for yourself.



Lay out the insulation foam sheet and draw three circles on it.

1 – 12″, 1 – 18″, 1 – 24″

I used the string method and a permanent marker, but tracing around plates or platters would also work.

Using a box knife, I roughly cut out the circles so the foam would fit in the band saw. I then cut all three circles using the band saw. If you don’t have one, a jig saw or hot knife would work just as well.

Down the center of each circle I routed a 1″ deep by 2″ wide channel into the back side. This will snuggly fit the 1×2″ board that will be the spine of the display. I used a straight router bit and made 3 passes to reach the finished size.

Before the next step, thoroughly remove the pink snow from routing the channel. I used a shop vac and a damp towel because the pink bits stick to EVERYTHING!

Once you and the pieces are clean, lay out the circles on the ground for a test fitting. Space the circles 5″ apart from each other with the smallest circle flush with the end of the board. Mark the edge of each circle on the wood then remove the wood from the channel. The marks will make realigning the circles after glueing a snap!

Apply a generous amount of expanding glue on all three sides of the channel. The glue will expand to fill any gaps between the foam and wood giving it a great bond. This glue requires one surface to be sprayed with water, and I did that to the wood.

Place the wood back into the channel taking note of the marks to realign the circles. Press firmly on the wood, then add weights until the glue dries.

Apply two coats of latex or acrylic paint to all sides of the foam and wood. DO NOT use spray paint directly on the foam as the solvents in the paint will eat the foam.

I made a template of the peppermint swirl so I could spray on the red. You could also paint the swirls by hand if you prefer. The template was 25″ across with 6 swirls cut out. Be sure to use a rigid material like poster board or cardboard.

The base coats of latex paint protects the foam from the solvents in the spray paint. It is important to use light coats of red because a pool of paint could eat through the latex. I aligned the template on each circle and used scrap pieces of foam underneath to support the template so it didn’t sag. To be sure no paint got under the template I held down areas with a popsicle stick.

I drilled two pocket holes into the 1×2 and attached it to a 12×12″ square of plywood. Later I added a small “L” bracket to reinforce the joint.

Next I made two large bows and attached them with a chenille stem to the wood. You can find my tutorial on how to make these bows here:

There we go!This is easily accomplished in a weekend and the results are a six foot tall holiday decoration for your next party.

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