Farm House Flower Arrangement

Farmhouse flower arrangement


There is nothing like a simple flower arrangement to brighten up the kitchen table! I found this beautiful milk can and couldn’t resist making a farm house flower arrangement! Grab some flowers and make one with me.

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Start by freeing the flowers from the plastic wrapping and rubber bands they come in and fill the glass vase with water and flower food.


I wasn’t sure the milk can would be water tight so I used a vase inside. If your vessel is water tight the inner vase won’t be necessary.

Center the glass vase in the milk can. The flowers will only be arranged inside of it.

vase inside

Before arranging the flowers remove all the leaves from the lower stems. These flowers don’t have thorns, so you can gently pinch the stem up high and run your fingers down the stem to remove all the leaves.

remove 2/3

Do this for all stems.

Remove leaves

Trim the stems at an angle. Your stems should be about 1 1/2 times taller than the vase (the milk can in this case). Leave the Gerber daisies a little longer than the mums so they pop out.

Arranging Flowers

Place the mum bunches first. These will define the shape of the arrangement.

place mums

I layered in the mums with three angled  outward and one standing upright in the center. This arrangement does not use foam or a flower frog to hold the flowers in place. The mums will form a support structure of stems. Place the first stem in at an angle then turn the vase and lay the next stem on top at an angle, rotate and repeat. This will build a network  of support as more flowers are added.

Layering Stems

Fill in between the mums with baby’s breath stems. I tucked these in a little deeper into the arrangement allowing the mums to pop against a soft white background.

Baby's breath

Now add splashes of peach Gerbs both up high and a few lower for balance.

Place Gerber Daisies

Continue to turn the vase and tweak the flowers until you’re satisfied with the look.  A soft ribbon can be added to the neck of the milk can if you want.

Tweak flowers

This is a loose casual arrangement perfect for any farm table!

Farmhouse flower arrangement

I love the milk can as a vase for this arrangement! What unique items have you used as a vase? I’d love to hear about your projects!


Karla Ireland

Beautiful! Love anything galvanized and the flowers make it so gorgeous.

Jennifer Gainer

Nice job I love the use of the milk can, and that you lined it with a glass vase, as a floral designer I say “good mechanics”. Also nice color options with your flowers too, I love burgundy mixed with peach!!!

Beautiful arrangement! I love the colors you chose

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